Land of Classical Music

image via friedelstrasse11

Will be touring in Europe (Germany, Czech, Austria) and playing in an orchestra at the Summa Cum Laude Festival from the 1st-14th July. So much excitement!

Recent purchases

I've made a couple of purchases over the last month...
- A Ricoh KR-5 Super II - from Salvos for $60 yet to try it out :)
- Rittenhouse Meadow Skirt - got it for $50 down from around $300 at an Incu Sale
- Sylvain Semi circle barrette - from the one I gauked over a couple of months ago
- Cheap Monday Katherine Belt - from shopbop
- Van Rolt - Silk Maxi Dress - from LOOKK

Another song showcasing a lovely seventh in the melody. This song along with Clare the artist was showcased on Offspring, an epic Melbourne TV series. My favourite tv show period. 
Clare Bowditch - You make me happy