plain gold ring ring on his finger he wore

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Nina Simone cover)

First and foremost, to the One from whom all creativity and beauty flows, the source of all true love and lasting peace. Without You this record is just loud gongs and clanging cymbals. Selah.  
- Kimbra Vows CD booklet

Untitled No.1

courtesy of Magaret Ye from La Petite Mademoiselle
Blouse - Vanessa Bruno Athe - Crepe de chine blouse
Jeans - Jeanswest - Skinny Jeans in Indigo
Boots - Acne - Black Pistol Short Boots
Bag - Coach  
Camera - Canonet QL17 

A few things to say today:
- Don't forget your mum! (Especially if she used to be a seamstress) - When I bought the Vanessa Bruno Athe blouse, the shoulder seams were a lot lower down the arm, the armpit seams lower and the sleeves a little longer than anticipated. In attempt to get it to fit me, I visited the clothing alterations and was told it was impossible. In frustation I told mum and she said she'd tried and succeeded. And on this occasion I agree with the saying, "mother knows best."

- Don't incessantly wave (and crazily at times) to get a waiters attention - the table full of males on the other side of the cafe may think you've got a thing for them. A lesson I learnt on my birthday. A little bit fun and no harm done so disregard this point altogether.   

- Since finding the camera, it's been to the camera doctors, had a nice clean and the battery case inside replaced. The best way for me to learn about anything is to hand draw and annotate, that way it definantly has a chance of staying in my brain. It's been on a couple of adventures so hopefully i'll finish the roll soon and see how the pictures turn out!

Boy and Bear - Fall at your feet (Crowded House cover) 

PS. I've finally made the decision to put pictures up of myself, to record how I'm doing stylistically in the wardrobe department.   

Castaway on the moon

About a man who finds himself on an island after a failed suicide attempt and a girl who is bound to her apartment living through the cyberworld. Both want to avoid their realities however in a strange way they connect and communicate, inspiring each other and sharing hope.


SBS has yet again put on a great unexpected film. A Korean on this time directed by Hae Jun Lee. It's heart warming and very qwerky, has beautiful cinematography and deals with the question about identity.   

The inner battles of an architect

image via Steve King - Environment II Introduction Slides

Architects are an interesting bunch of people. I'm often high torn between the workings of my creativity and my logic, and I think its fair to say that all architects struggle with this. This quote by Massimillano Fuksas descriptively puts the job of an architect and the definition of architecture relative to an ordinary building in a neat little package. One may not understand the importance of Fuksas calls 'alchemy', but rest assured that architects using their design, control how a people feel and move in a space. Depending on the 'tenants' request and the purpose of the building, the architect finds creative ways to make the person feel in a way suited to it.

I'm a sucker for maps, especially maps that reveal how and what one thinks. I'm borrowing one drawn by a lecturer of mine of The Heuristic Design Process because it's epic. Treating the y axis as "The Final Design" and the x axis as time. You have to start somewhere, and it's usually way off the final design, however the only way forward is by asking "what is wrong with this?". Every directional change represents the rationalisation of creativity. Since this is creativity we're talking about, there is not only one way to design something well, hence the start of a new y axis.

She and Him - Why do you let me stay here?



Completely agreed with Emmanuelle Alt's observation on french women and think it should be a rule to every woman, 

"the french woman...if you feel you're body is not made for skirt, even if its the trend, she would never wear a skirt."

Where do I begin on this topic? 
It's imperative that one analyses their body and get to know the assets and not so great parts and how different things change the appearance of one's body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that every woman should shape their bodies into a single specific measured mould of x height and y waist. This is a discussion on proportions and ratio.What one wears changes the proportions of the body to the eye and it's the cut and colour that drive this.

Human Proportions

I'm quite sure fashion and figure drawing/painting/etc art students have been taught this in the early stages of their course. This image shows the proportions of the body in terms of head sizes and should be the aim when clothing one self.

The image below is quite informative illustrating the significance of understanding the body and what makes it look proportionate or a better word yet, right. (I have a feeling this will turn into a Trinny and Suzannah commentary)

Several things that can be commented on this image:
- Shoes: on a side note instead of the image, today on my train platform, a girl who had calves on the larger side (relative to her height and body shape) was wearing Doc Martins that cut just below the muscle of her calves such that it appeared that the width of her calves at the top were the same width at the bottom, assisted by the chunky tall lace up boot. In essence, she chopped off the lower half of her legs, wearing them gave the illusion that she was a lot shorter than she really was.

- Jeans: the wonders of a well fitted pair of pants. The first outfit with the ill fitting jeans together with the ugg boots make her legs look like they're one width the entire length stunting her height.

- Cardigan: the longer cardigan completely eliminates the possibility of a waist, and along with the jeans and shoes, the eye essentially draws a vertical line from the shoulders to the ground making one look like a log to put it bluntly.

- Top: this woman doesn't have a small chest, having a high round neck white shirt doesn't do her any justice, only making her chest appear lower. Having a chest doesn't necessarily mean high necked shirts/tops should be eliminated from the wardrobe. Each style of clothing has a different effect on the appearance of the body so it's important to find out what style works.

I wouldn't mind recieving...

House: Rhythmdesign - House in Iizuka
Shirt: Ann Demeulemeester - Classic Shirt
Watch: Uniform Wares - 250 Series
Necklace: Petitor - Sideways Cross Necklace
Shoes: Via Spiga - Christina
Skirt: Ann Demeulemeester - Asymmetric Skirt with gathered front

Birthday tomorrow. Yay for having lived 20 years. Tomorrow marks the day I enter into the limboland of ages created by the tension between the oldness of hitting the second decade and the youngness of being younger than 21.  

There are many things i've spotted that could have some serious wearing action over the past couple of weeks. Since I don't have a white shirt in my wardrobe yet, I recently purchased the Ann Demeulemeester Classic Shirt on sale even though my love is for the Wrapover Front Shirt. The Wrapover Front Shirt is definantly an admire from afar piece for me, I admire the way it looks on the model, but it would definantly not suit my larger physique, and moreso because it's white! I'll see how the shirt fits when it arrives.

I've also been on the hunt for a simple black sandal, not too high with a larger heel so it's wearable to work and also out. The heel issue is quite an important factor since I find it close to impossible to not look like the pitiful women who hobble, a well learnt lesson being that very girl at my Year 12 formal. It's proving to be a tough task! but the Via Spiga - Christina is the best candidate at the moment with the See by Chloe - Leather Sandal following close behind. 

The watch pictured above is sold from Dezeen, an epic architecture and design website which is very enjoyable to browse through. 

The guy sitting on the garbage bin would make an excellent cartoon character me thinks...

i wouldn't mind...


paying an extra 20 euros for you to ship to Australia. 

Brooke Fraser - Arithmetic

Thank You Cupcake

I've spent a semester working on my first project with my first architecture firm and have been relocated as of tomorrow. It's daunting heading into place where you will belong at the bottom of the ladder for some time due to incompetency of how things work in the workplace and knowledge in general. 
There's a threshold one has to pass upon starting at a new place, when productivity outweighs needing to be taught and I think it is safe to say I'm very well on my way to feeling comfortable doing what I'm asked to do as a student employee. 

I can't imagine the burden I would have been at times when it came to crunch time where people just wanted things to get finished and I sat infront of the computer screen like a lost child trying to comprehend what to do. For the team that helped me across into the land compentency, I'm grateful to them and are in definate need of thanks hence the Thank You Cupcake.

The only thing that makes this a Thank You Cupcake is the flag (and of course your attitude when you give it to them :D) and it is simple as to make. Tooth pick, paper, pen, scissors, glue and you're good to go.  
Flag Making Advice: The end stuck to the tooth pick should be slightly longer to be able wrap around and put glue on. 

Bake what ever cupcake you fancy and chuck the flag in there!  
Cupcake Baking Advice: Make sure you set your oven to Fan Forced not Fan Forced Grill or your cupcake will turn out looking like a pimple!

I think it's important to say 'thank you' once in a while in what sometimes seems like a thank you-less world. The people you work with aren't nobodys, they have feelings just like you. So treat them how you would like to be treated.

Matt Corby - Made of Stone

on edge


 I went to check out Matt Corby at the Oxford Art Factory the other night, a little hesitant but hopeful that he was better live than recorded sound through my headphones and speaker. And oh boy, his cd doesn't come close to how raw and passionate his voice and music is. There's only so much a cd can replicate. It can't make your heart thump and clothes vibrate to the drums the way it does live, and the sheer whisper of the voice isn't as delicate as it is intended to be.

Writing about this concert has made me think of a quote in Music and Lyrics:

"A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction...But then, as you get to know that person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magical"

I think there are two types of people, one more attracted to music and the other to lyrics. I find it tough using words to explain myself, so i'm most definantly a music person, judging the story by how sounds are put together. Matt Corby's songs hits the spot for me, apart from the occasional profanity, musicality wise it makes me shiver at how beautifully his emotions are expressed.