Completely agreed with Emmanuelle Alt's observation on french women and think it should be a rule to every woman, 

"the french woman...if you feel you're body is not made for skirt, even if its the trend, she would never wear a skirt."

Where do I begin on this topic? 
It's imperative that one analyses their body and get to know the assets and not so great parts and how different things change the appearance of one's body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that every woman should shape their bodies into a single specific measured mould of x height and y waist. This is a discussion on proportions and ratio.What one wears changes the proportions of the body to the eye and it's the cut and colour that drive this.

Human Proportions

I'm quite sure fashion and figure drawing/painting/etc art students have been taught this in the early stages of their course. This image shows the proportions of the body in terms of head sizes and should be the aim when clothing one self.

The image below is quite informative illustrating the significance of understanding the body and what makes it look proportionate or a better word yet, right. (I have a feeling this will turn into a Trinny and Suzannah commentary)

Several things that can be commented on this image:
- Shoes: on a side note instead of the image, today on my train platform, a girl who had calves on the larger side (relative to her height and body shape) was wearing Doc Martins that cut just below the muscle of her calves such that it appeared that the width of her calves at the top were the same width at the bottom, assisted by the chunky tall lace up boot. In essence, she chopped off the lower half of her legs, wearing them gave the illusion that she was a lot shorter than she really was.

- Jeans: the wonders of a well fitted pair of pants. The first outfit with the ill fitting jeans together with the ugg boots make her legs look like they're one width the entire length stunting her height.

- Cardigan: the longer cardigan completely eliminates the possibility of a waist, and along with the jeans and shoes, the eye essentially draws a vertical line from the shoulders to the ground making one look like a log to put it bluntly.

- Top: this woman doesn't have a small chest, having a high round neck white shirt doesn't do her any justice, only making her chest appear lower. Having a chest doesn't necessarily mean high necked shirts/tops should be eliminated from the wardrobe. Each style of clothing has a different effect on the appearance of the body so it's important to find out what style works.

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