Thank You Cupcake

I've spent a semester working on my first project with my first architecture firm and have been relocated as of tomorrow. It's daunting heading into place where you will belong at the bottom of the ladder for some time due to incompetency of how things work in the workplace and knowledge in general. 
There's a threshold one has to pass upon starting at a new place, when productivity outweighs needing to be taught and I think it is safe to say I'm very well on my way to feeling comfortable doing what I'm asked to do as a student employee. 

I can't imagine the burden I would have been at times when it came to crunch time where people just wanted things to get finished and I sat infront of the computer screen like a lost child trying to comprehend what to do. For the team that helped me across into the land compentency, I'm grateful to them and are in definate need of thanks hence the Thank You Cupcake.

The only thing that makes this a Thank You Cupcake is the flag (and of course your attitude when you give it to them :D) and it is simple as to make. Tooth pick, paper, pen, scissors, glue and you're good to go.  
Flag Making Advice: The end stuck to the tooth pick should be slightly longer to be able wrap around and put glue on. 

Bake what ever cupcake you fancy and chuck the flag in there!  
Cupcake Baking Advice: Make sure you set your oven to Fan Forced not Fan Forced Grill or your cupcake will turn out looking like a pimple!

I think it's important to say 'thank you' once in a while in what sometimes seems like a thank you-less world. The people you work with aren't nobodys, they have feelings just like you. So treat them how you would like to be treated.

Matt Corby - Made of Stone

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