Dress - Van Rolt - Silk Maxi Dress

A beautifully designed dress. Would look great on most if not all body shapes and sizes. 

Chanel Teint Innocence

 image via pret-a-beaute

I haven't used a great variety of foundation. I've used Maybelline, Clinique and Estee Lauder which I found had too much pink undertone in it so didn't match my yellower Asian complexion. Not until the end of February did I go to a Chanel counter at my local Westfield and get a foundation match. The Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Fluid Makeup in 50 Naturel felt best on my skin, very smooth and silky and it didn't dry out my skin. I intended to buy it but they ran out due to the up and coming discontinuation of the product, replacing it with another very similar to it. Only last month, still a bit hesitant on the hefty price tag, I went ahead and bought the cream version instead which I think felt even better on my skin than the liquid.

The foundation is so wonderful to use. It comes in a chic cylindrical compact with a mirror and a sponge, perfect for chucking in one's bag. It goes on really well, like a light veil evening out the skin tone. Not much is needed, and it is easy to build up and still look very natural. It is a bit dewy at first, but eventually turns into a powder so there's no need to put extra powder on. I apply with my fingertips instead of the sponge because I think it works better in terms of working it into my skin. And it is so quick to achieve the even flawless face because it does the job right on the first layer.

Since using Chanel's Teint Innocence Foundation, I haven't been able to go back to my half finished bottle of Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup which took forever and a day to apply on and build up on to get the flawlessness I wanted. I'm keeping a track on how many times I use the compact so I can weigh up whether it's worth the money. Despite money, the foundation is of excellent quality.

This video has nothing to do with Chanel Foundation, but it is Chanel, and there's Audrey Tautou. And it's beautifully filmed.

Busking on Pitt


I work in Town Hall, Sydney and one of the best things I enjoy doing is checking out the busking on Pitt st during my break or after work. The classical guitar to me is the most alluring instrument out there. There's a particular guy, Tom Ward who regularly busks and he's pretty amazing. 

Finding the Cure.

Jeans - A.P.C. - New Cure Female - Indigo

I impulsively bought these bad boys (New, no tag) on Ebay for $53 the other day and they came in the mail today. I tried them on, couldn't get my thigh to completely fit through (so awkward low crutch), and I couldn't do any of the buttons. Obviously and embarrassingly enough, I had bought the wrong size. Shame on me for being hasty and not checking my measurements before buying. Despite all that, I did some research, posted the question on whether they were keepable on a forum and to my disappointment, a sad 'no'. They'll probably end up on Ebay :( unless you who read this now speak up and offers a price. 

I quite like the idea of personalising your jeans by growing old with them! And you're instructed to not washing them, what more can you ask for!

I've compiled all the possible Raw Denim for women from A.P.C with their descriptions. Judging from my body type, the only possibilities for me are the Women Cure Jeans and the New Women Cure Jeans or the New Standard. I like to stick with the skinnier legged jeans because I'm relatively short and most definitely  will have to tailor the bottoms up, so in originally having skinnier legs, they turn into somewhere in between straights and skinnys. But nevertheless, I believe Sydney only stocks the New Standard Jeans in the MALE Incu Shop in the Galleries and sells them for a whopping $219 compared to retail $175.

Mind = undecided
Plan of Action = Go to Incu, try on the NS, get sizing right, dwell on whether to purchase the Women New Cure Jeans

images via A.P.C

Aesopity time

I went to Aesop during my lunch break today, it so happens many things are coming to an end, my shampoo, conditioner, Kiehl face cleanser. I purchased the Calming Shampoo, Classic Conditioner Condition, Fine Fabric Care and got a few samples: Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser, B & Tea Balancing Toner and the Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream. I've been hand washing my clothes for a while now and the products my family uses for the laundry just isn't effective and efficient as I would like. I heard some good reviews on Aesop's - A.P.C Fine Fabric Care so we'll see how that goes. I've also been doing my research on how to properly hand wash clothes, so once I've made up my mind on my method I'll write a post about it. My scalp has been working up these past couple of months, it's become really dry, itchy, flaky and oh so irritating to manage (sounds gross because it is). I bought the Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque a month ago, and it definantly does what it says and has helped lessened my scalps irritability. I'll say adieu now and have an aesopity time as I cleanse myself. 

Some sick harmonica playing here...

over exposed

Jacket - Anna Middleton - Black Quilted Silk Jacket
Shirt - Uniqlo - Navy/White Striped Long Sleeve Shirt
Jeans - Jeanswest - Black Skinny Jeans
Shoes - Vintage Loafers
Book - Peter Mayle - A Year in Provence

A couple of weeks ago, I went to The Big Fashion Sale on Oxford St and amongst all the designer and vintage pieces found a black quilted silk jacket. I haven't bought any jacket like it before, the round neck which I generally try to avoid, and the quilted style which has never caught my fancy. It wears really well and is a great transitional piece. This is pretty much what I've been wearing for the past week.

I also enjoy interesting accidental over-exposed photos.


image via vanillascented

Cheap Monday - Katherine Belt Black Turtle
BCBGMAXAZRIA - Plate Waist Belt
Cheap Monday - Anette Black Belt

Not too sure what to say about belts. They're an understated piece in the accessories apartment. But ever since I saw Maria van Nguyen from vanillascented styling this metal plated belt in her photos, it's been on my wishlist. 

Another Burberry Acoustic video...

My Typical Summer Day

Blouse - J.Crew - Blyth Silk Blouse
Tank - H&M - Top
Scarf - Good&Co - Paris By Night
Jeans - Ksubi - Black Skinny Jeans
Boots - Acne - Black Pistol Short Boots
Perfume - Dior - J'adore Eau de Parfum

I'm a conservative dresser, for a number of reasons, for social reasons, and physically my arms and legs aren't my best assets so it's not a big a deal. I couldn't find the exact pieces I have in my wardrobe to illustrate, but this is the best representation I could conjure up. My typical outfit last season consisted of a blouse over a tank on top. What I love about blouses/shirts is that there are a number of ways to wear it, tucked, untucked, buttoned up, half buttoned up, completely unbuttoned, sleeves buttoned, sleeves rolled up. A standard pair of skinny jeans on the bottom and boots or loafers for a more casual day. I also love scarves, cold or hot there is always the opportunity to wear one. It's an easy way to inject some colour and sometimes it's the piece that helps complete the outfit.  
Tip: And of course a couple of dabs of perfume on the bodys hotspots: behind the ears, on the inner wrists and behind the knees if wearing something besides pants. There's no use walking into a 4 spray mist of perfume and expecting it to last, perfume best works with heat.

How I dress can affect how I feel, wearing a black tshirt, black jeans and boots/lace up shoes helps put me into architectural mode. If I had chucked on loafers instead, some energy to be productive is lost. Perhaps black only has this affect because I've seen/been told that architects wear black. But there's no doubt that each piece of clothing, depending on how it's styled effects us psychologically. A man's top button, whether done or undone can be the difference between saying formal and informal.


image via cremdelakreme
Outerwear (4)
-          Uniqlo – Black Blazer
-          Vintage Anna Middleton – Quilted Silk Jacket
-          Vintage Black Wool Coat

Jeans (3)
-          Jeanswest – Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
-          Jeanswest – Black Skinny Jeans
-          Ksubi – Black Skinny Jeans

Pants (2)
-          Saba – Black Silk Trousers

T-shirts and Tanks (3)
-          Kookai – Black Scalloped Neck Tank

Dresses and Jumpsuits (8)
-          Alpha60 – Kora Dress
-          Ginger & Smart – Rough & Tumble Dress
-          Gyegi – Black Cotton Dress
-          Don’t Ask Amanda – Striped Dress
-          Bettina Liano – Black Formal Jumpsuit
-          Ruffled Bottom LBD 
-          Sportsgirl – Navy and White Shapes dress

-     none
Shirts and Blouses (6)
-          A.P.C – Marine Boyfriend Shirt
-          Vintage Sheer Gold Shirt
-          Saba – White Silk Shirt
-          Vanessa Bruno – Crepe de Chine Blouse
-          Vintage Ralph Lauren – Maroon Short Sleeved Shirt

Long Sleeved Tops (3)
-          Uniqlo – Off White Boatneck Striped T
-          Vintage Navy Breton Shirt

Knits (2)

Shoes (6)
-          Acne – Pistol Short Boots
-          Vintage Black Loafers
-          Ziera – Blue Suede Wedged Boots
-          Le Coq – Black Tie Up
-          Nude – Black Buckled High Heel Boots

Bags and Clutches (3)
-          Coach – Ocean Blue Satchel
-          Atticus – Black Backpack
-          Vintage Navy Clutch/Wallet

Old Piece Having doubts but don't want to chuck Purchased/Given in the last 3 months
(Doing a Dead Fleurette styled analysis)

To be quite frank, only 8 out of the 32 pieces of clothing were bought before August 2011. Everything else has been purchased this year or the last. It just goes to show how ridiculously drastic my wardrobe has changed within less than a year. I'm feeling alright about the state at which it's at, and I could most certainly live with it during the strangely cool 2011-12 spring/summer despite my lack of shorts and skirts. I have completely eliminated the prospect of shorts from my mind, judging from my body proportions shorts and I could never work out. Skirts however I have yet to find one that I'm happy with. We're finally moving into Autumn and Winter, so I'll see how my wardrobe lives up to it.

There has been a serious influx in new additions these past 3 months and including everything else purchased in 2011, it's time to slow down because my poor bank account has taken a beating. I really have to hold back and have the self control over the urge to recklessly buy more staple pieces. Even though I don't think I'm done perfecting my wardrobe, it's at a stage I can contently manage with.

I feel as if I I've failed to capture all this change on my blog which is disappointing. Oops. I'll try to do my best from now on. I've also just realised that I've forgotten to add scarves into the above list.

On to the music side of things, I've just discovered Burberry Acoustic a Youtube channel run by Burberry showcasing British bands/singers in Burberry trenchcoats. Absolutely digging it at the moment, good music and style, Burberry is ingenious using music as a selling point.

Rae Morris - Back to Front

wear vs price

1. Prada - Barratte - 1 2
2. Sylvain Le Hen - Semi Circle Barrette - 1 2

I'm a bit taken back by how crisp and sleek these barrettes look.
My mum has a drawer full of barrettes and I'd try them all on as a child. But I always had trouble because my hair is thick. In conclusion, I'll sadly have to admire the Prada ones from afar. The Sylvain Le Hen semi circle barrette is looking hopeful though! however not so much the price tag attached to it of $60. I guess it's a matter of figuring out whether wear outweighs price.

Michael Buble - The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra Cover)