Finding the Cure.

Jeans - A.P.C. - New Cure Female - Indigo

I impulsively bought these bad boys (New, no tag) on Ebay for $53 the other day and they came in the mail today. I tried them on, couldn't get my thigh to completely fit through (so awkward low crutch), and I couldn't do any of the buttons. Obviously and embarrassingly enough, I had bought the wrong size. Shame on me for being hasty and not checking my measurements before buying. Despite all that, I did some research, posted the question on whether they were keepable on a forum and to my disappointment, a sad 'no'. They'll probably end up on Ebay :( unless you who read this now speak up and offers a price. 

I quite like the idea of personalising your jeans by growing old with them! And you're instructed to not washing them, what more can you ask for!

I've compiled all the possible Raw Denim for women from A.P.C with their descriptions. Judging from my body type, the only possibilities for me are the Women Cure Jeans and the New Women Cure Jeans or the New Standard. I like to stick with the skinnier legged jeans because I'm relatively short and most definitely  will have to tailor the bottoms up, so in originally having skinnier legs, they turn into somewhere in between straights and skinnys. But nevertheless, I believe Sydney only stocks the New Standard Jeans in the MALE Incu Shop in the Galleries and sells them for a whopping $219 compared to retail $175.

Mind = undecided
Plan of Action = Go to Incu, try on the NS, get sizing right, dwell on whether to purchase the Women New Cure Jeans

images via A.P.C

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