My Typical Summer Day

Blouse - J.Crew - Blyth Silk Blouse
Tank - H&M - Top
Scarf - Good&Co - Paris By Night
Jeans - Ksubi - Black Skinny Jeans
Boots - Acne - Black Pistol Short Boots
Perfume - Dior - J'adore Eau de Parfum

I'm a conservative dresser, for a number of reasons, for social reasons, and physically my arms and legs aren't my best assets so it's not a big a deal. I couldn't find the exact pieces I have in my wardrobe to illustrate, but this is the best representation I could conjure up. My typical outfit last season consisted of a blouse over a tank on top. What I love about blouses/shirts is that there are a number of ways to wear it, tucked, untucked, buttoned up, half buttoned up, completely unbuttoned, sleeves buttoned, sleeves rolled up. A standard pair of skinny jeans on the bottom and boots or loafers for a more casual day. I also love scarves, cold or hot there is always the opportunity to wear one. It's an easy way to inject some colour and sometimes it's the piece that helps complete the outfit.  
Tip: And of course a couple of dabs of perfume on the bodys hotspots: behind the ears, on the inner wrists and behind the knees if wearing something besides pants. There's no use walking into a 4 spray mist of perfume and expecting it to last, perfume best works with heat.

How I dress can affect how I feel, wearing a black tshirt, black jeans and boots/lace up shoes helps put me into architectural mode. If I had chucked on loafers instead, some energy to be productive is lost. Perhaps black only has this affect because I've seen/been told that architects wear black. But there's no doubt that each piece of clothing, depending on how it's styled effects us psychologically. A man's top button, whether done or undone can be the difference between saying formal and informal.

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