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Outerwear (4)
-          Uniqlo – Black Blazer
-          Vintage Anna Middleton – Quilted Silk Jacket
-          Vintage Black Wool Coat

Jeans (3)
-          Jeanswest – Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
-          Jeanswest – Black Skinny Jeans
-          Ksubi – Black Skinny Jeans

Pants (2)
-          Saba – Black Silk Trousers

T-shirts and Tanks (3)
-          Kookai – Black Scalloped Neck Tank

Dresses and Jumpsuits (8)
-          Alpha60 – Kora Dress
-          Ginger & Smart – Rough & Tumble Dress
-          Gyegi – Black Cotton Dress
-          Don’t Ask Amanda – Striped Dress
-          Bettina Liano – Black Formal Jumpsuit
-          Ruffled Bottom LBD 
-          Sportsgirl – Navy and White Shapes dress

-     none
Shirts and Blouses (6)
-          A.P.C – Marine Boyfriend Shirt
-          Vintage Sheer Gold Shirt
-          Saba – White Silk Shirt
-          Vanessa Bruno – Crepe de Chine Blouse
-          Vintage Ralph Lauren – Maroon Short Sleeved Shirt

Long Sleeved Tops (3)
-          Uniqlo – Off White Boatneck Striped T
-          Vintage Navy Breton Shirt

Knits (2)

Shoes (6)
-          Acne – Pistol Short Boots
-          Vintage Black Loafers
-          Ziera – Blue Suede Wedged Boots
-          Le Coq – Black Tie Up
-          Nude – Black Buckled High Heel Boots

Bags and Clutches (3)
-          Coach – Ocean Blue Satchel
-          Atticus – Black Backpack
-          Vintage Navy Clutch/Wallet

Old Piece Having doubts but don't want to chuck Purchased/Given in the last 3 months
(Doing a Dead Fleurette styled analysis)

To be quite frank, only 8 out of the 32 pieces of clothing were bought before August 2011. Everything else has been purchased this year or the last. It just goes to show how ridiculously drastic my wardrobe has changed within less than a year. I'm feeling alright about the state at which it's at, and I could most certainly live with it during the strangely cool 2011-12 spring/summer despite my lack of shorts and skirts. I have completely eliminated the prospect of shorts from my mind, judging from my body proportions shorts and I could never work out. Skirts however I have yet to find one that I'm happy with. We're finally moving into Autumn and Winter, so I'll see how my wardrobe lives up to it.

There has been a serious influx in new additions these past 3 months and including everything else purchased in 2011, it's time to slow down because my poor bank account has taken a beating. I really have to hold back and have the self control over the urge to recklessly buy more staple pieces. Even though I don't think I'm done perfecting my wardrobe, it's at a stage I can contently manage with.

I feel as if I I've failed to capture all this change on my blog which is disappointing. Oops. I'll try to do my best from now on. I've also just realised that I've forgotten to add scarves into the above list.

On to the music side of things, I've just discovered Burberry Acoustic a Youtube channel run by Burberry showcasing British bands/singers in Burberry trenchcoats. Absolutely digging it at the moment, good music and style, Burberry is ingenious using music as a selling point.

Rae Morris - Back to Front

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