Untitled No.1

courtesy of Magaret Ye from La Petite Mademoiselle
Blouse - Vanessa Bruno Athe - Crepe de chine blouse
Jeans - Jeanswest - Skinny Jeans in Indigo
Boots - Acne - Black Pistol Short Boots
Bag - Coach  
Camera - Canonet QL17 

A few things to say today:
- Don't forget your mum! (Especially if she used to be a seamstress) - When I bought the Vanessa Bruno Athe blouse, the shoulder seams were a lot lower down the arm, the armpit seams lower and the sleeves a little longer than anticipated. In attempt to get it to fit me, I visited the clothing alterations and was told it was impossible. In frustation I told mum and she said she'd tried and succeeded. And on this occasion I agree with the saying, "mother knows best."

- Don't incessantly wave (and crazily at times) to get a waiters attention - the table full of males on the other side of the cafe may think you've got a thing for them. A lesson I learnt on my birthday. A little bit fun and no harm done so disregard this point altogether.   

- Since finding the camera, it's been to the camera doctors, had a nice clean and the battery case inside replaced. The best way for me to learn about anything is to hand draw and annotate, that way it definantly has a chance of staying in my brain. It's been on a couple of adventures so hopefully i'll finish the roll soon and see how the pictures turn out!

Boy and Bear - Fall at your feet (Crowded House cover) 

PS. I've finally made the decision to put pictures up of myself, to record how I'm doing stylistically in the wardrobe department.   

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  1. Naww and in the post you put up my favourite song, got to love it!!

    Looking stunning might I add :)