The inner battles of an architect

image via Steve King - Environment II Introduction Slides

Architects are an interesting bunch of people. I'm often high torn between the workings of my creativity and my logic, and I think its fair to say that all architects struggle with this. This quote by Massimillano Fuksas descriptively puts the job of an architect and the definition of architecture relative to an ordinary building in a neat little package. One may not understand the importance of Fuksas calls 'alchemy', but rest assured that architects using their design, control how a people feel and move in a space. Depending on the 'tenants' request and the purpose of the building, the architect finds creative ways to make the person feel in a way suited to it.

I'm a sucker for maps, especially maps that reveal how and what one thinks. I'm borrowing one drawn by a lecturer of mine of The Heuristic Design Process because it's epic. Treating the y axis as "The Final Design" and the x axis as time. You have to start somewhere, and it's usually way off the final design, however the only way forward is by asking "what is wrong with this?". Every directional change represents the rationalisation of creativity. Since this is creativity we're talking about, there is not only one way to design something well, hence the start of a new y axis.

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