The wardrobe

image via Dead Fleurette

I guess it's the best time to describe my wardrobe that is currently being culled.
A little less than two years ago, I ventured my way into experimenting with clothing exploding with colour happily provided by near by second hand shops. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of a cheap, unique find and making people guess how much something was...and I guess I still do. My wardrobe is filled with oversized patterned granny shirt dresss and colourful maxi skirts.

However, as of late it's been a chore to dress myself, feeling a little out of control because clothes aren't fitting right on me, along side the mish mash of colour and accessories that don't go together. I think it's safe to say that the crazy experimentation days are over (even though they were fun at the time) and the future wardrobe will be clean and beautifully functional tailored to my body and lifestyle.

The Middle East - Jesus Came to My Birthday Party

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