Skincare Regime

I'll be honest, I haven't seriously taken care of my face up until recently. I promise I have a legitimate reason! One word. Architecture. A friend has described it as the 'Devils Course', and I completely agree with him. It sucks the living daylights out of you. But I know...even that shouldn't be an excuse.

I never grew up in the habit of washing my face twice a day and moisturising, there was never any emphasis on the importance of it (enough that pushed me to action). But now nearing the end of my second year in the Devils Course, my face has taken a beating. I can safely say that I've had my fair share of dark circles and bags resulting from sleepless nights (the Clinique All About the Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage works like magic on bags). Every time I went to the beauty salon for the rare eyebrow wax, "bella! you have very dry skin!" So that being said, I went hunting for a good moisturiser.

Previously I was using the Clinique 3 step Skin Care, but the cleanser dried my skin and the moisturiser obviously didn't replenish moisture. In my readings on the internet I came across the American brand Kiehl so I ducked into David Jones for samples. If you have normal-dry skin, Ultra Facial Cream is amazing, you can feel it retaining the moisture on your face the entire day. No jokes.

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