A word on shopping carefully online

 image via VIR4L

A worry of mine turned into a reality this month. The self assured online shopper I had become was hit with (walked into) a scam. Like this woman, I was blinded by what appeared to be an innocent duckling/price of the very dress I was looking for. And as I eventually succumed to my confidence and the sheer joy of finding the piece, my money was stolen by ... a duck. Thankfully, it is just money at the end of the day and not something of greater worth.

Tips for next time:
- Search the website for an email address, contact number. If in any doubt about the website, shoot them an email/call and if you don't recieve a reply within a couple of days, they shouldn't be trusted.
- Look out for important information, clear and indepth information on payment security and the method of payment, list on the types of shipping available and the company used to do so.
- Google them! See if they have had any complaints or reviews

Do your research! Or stick to the well known websites to be on the safe side, they are well known for a reason.

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