Harmony to my heartbeat

Every year there is the intention of personalising every single card I send out, except it gets all too hard with all the glue and cutting out textured paper and no one ends up getting a card because I've tragically given up.
Solution: ditch the glue if possible, at most have only one object to stick down.

Doing some casual strolling through Vinnies, actually more like running away from writing on my nonexistant Christmas cards, I found these fabric Christmas bow decorations which I have a feeling are intended for Christmas trees because of their two metal things that stick out and have the ability to cling to things. They came in a pack of 10 for 50c!

Don't shy away from $2 shops and even Op-shops when it comes to scrapbooking and decorating cards, neither should you under estimate the power of the basics: textas, pens and coloured pencils. There is something quite beautiful about a handmade card, well even in this day and age a handwritten letter is a phenomenal sight. They ooze love and willingness to take time to seriously reflect on one's relationship with the recipient.

What you'll need:
- Cardboard (I used 1.5mm boxboard from the panic over buying of model making materials)
- Black pen (felt tip, inky preferable)
- Dark Green and Light Green Pencil
- Scalpel and Cutting Mat (or scissors or hole puncher depending on the thickness of cardboard)
- Bow Decoration (ribbon tied into a bow in which you'll need super glue to stick down)
- Metal Ruler

1. Cut cardboard into the size of a postcard
2. With the black pen, draw a circle of leaves to make a wreath (Tip: use a pencil to draw a circle as a guideline)
3. Colour in the leaves (Tip: keep it consistant, colouring all the inner side of the leaves dark green/light green and the other side the other colour)
4. Go over the leaves again in black pen (it makes a very big difference in how much the picture pops out of the page!)
5. With the bow pictured, make use of the two metal things by cutting two holes at the top of the wreath such that the metal can go through and tie up at the back.
5. With a bow made from a normal piece of ribbon, glue it at the top of the wreath with super glue.

Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat

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