Flying Wardrobe.

Shirt - Suzanne Grae
Shirt - Saba
T-Shirt - Sass and Bide
Dress - Don't Ask Amanda
Jacket - Ginger and Smart
Jeans - Jeanswest
Pants - Morrisey
Jeans - Jeanswest
Scarf - Good & Co.
Loafers - Vintage
Boots - Acne

A record of the clothes that decided to fly and stay with me in Melbourne for a very few days.

A little on the post song...To be honest I didn't fancy Foster the People when the crowd had Pumped Up Kicks on repeat. But with a little reluctance last year I agreed to see them live with a friend at the Gaelic Hotel and I'm glad I did. If I had the chance to see them again, I would. The lead singer with his unusual voice is quite the charmer in singing a song as if it were a story. His pores like to cry sweat aswell :) The Gaelic is a sweet venue with a nice and intimate space.

PS. Happy New Year
Foster the People - Helena Beat

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