I promise I have a reason for dancing on the kitchen bench!

Image via designboom

'House in Hidaki' designed by the Suppose Design Office is a two storey private dwelling that snuggles into the natural landscape such that being seated in the living room, your eyes just skim the surface of the ground outside. Internally on the ground floor, there is a play on the function of floors/walls/tables/shelves/seats as one strangely ascends to the first floor via what appears to be a table from the ground.

The section is quite beautiful, a reflection on the house where double storey voids let's the lower space breathe and holds a sense of luxury. Equally as beautiful is the exquisite detailing, from the white concrete table top and oak floors respectively mimicking the colour of the houses' structural blocks and the dirt to the white walls and railings warmed up by the white oak timber flooring and framing.

There's so much to learn from Japanese architects!

 Gypsy & the Cat - Jona Vark

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