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Valentines Day! or better yet, Singles Awareness Day. Regardless of whether you're single or not, have an admirer or don't, it's such an opportunity to show people that you love them. I've made a list of Valentines Day gifts to make. These are teeny tiny love letters that I'll probably end up mass producing.

During high school I went to a christian convention called KYCK, where around 4000 kids would be chucked (note: the verbs I use are sometimes quite violent, but they aren't meant negatively even in the slightest) into a massive shed. It was tradition for people to bring pegs, perhaps write a little note or a bible verse on them and secretly peg someone without them noticing. I guess this is where I got the idea from.

What you'll need:
- Scissors
- Red Felt (sometimes you find them in the bargain bins at your local fabric shop!)
- Tiny Wooden Peg (or normal sized ones, buy them for cheap at your $2 shop)
- White Paper
- Pen
- PVA glue

Simple to make as per usual:
1. Cut out a heart from the red felt
2. Write what you want on the strip of paper (important: leave some room at the beginning to put glue and WRITE SMALL!)
3. If you want to be fancy, cut the end of the strip of paper to make it look like the end of a neat ribbon
4. On the side with writing, put a thin layer of glue at the beginning of the strip of paper and stick it to the heart
5. At the end of the peg, put a thin layer of glue and stick the heart to it

So make a couple or many, give say 2-3 people 5-10 each and tell them to start love pegging!

Enjoy the song, it's beautiful!
Switchfoot - Your love is a song

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