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To: my dearest friend

 How do two become one?
From where your standards are based,
they contradict like East to West
There's no unity set in place.

I wrote this poem whilst reflecting on the news of a friend entering into a relationship. They aren't easy things, relationships, the reality of the them is that at the crossroads the possible paths are either breakup or marriage and understanding the weight of the possible outcomes should play a heavy role in whether you choose to enter into it or not - Perhaps it is a good time to clarify that this discussion is purely on starting a relationship.

Some might think marriage as nothing too meaningful since the invention of divorce, likewise in their attitude towards breakups. I have no doubt that people have felt the sting/pain/hurt of a fallout with a friend of some sort and may have carried it for a long time. And with this, putting it into the topic of discussion, the suffering that results from a breakup is tenfold (probably a lot more for a divorce) because the person, is not just a friend but the bestest of friends where you share a connection deeper than all your other relationships. Every time you end a relationships, hurt is attached. Regardless of whether you think you feel hurt or not, the other person probably is.

You carry it with you, and it's burdensome. Into the next relationship, your baggage still exists and it hinders and builds up everytime you have a fall out.

We weren't put on earth to carelessly make and break relationships.

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