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Since watching Julie and Julia, this one scene has been engraved into my brain, the scene where Julie and Eric argue about what she has become due to her cooking blog and I guess it poses the question on the very nature of writing a blog (especially fashion blogs). I think the movie pretty much nails it on the head, it can be a "me, me, me day after day" thing, and one can potentially turn into "a totally self-absorbed person who writes this stuff for a bunch of complete strangers". Clearly I don't think blogging is bad since i'm writing one write now, but I guess i'm more interested in the attitude towards it and whether it turns you into an egotistical monster and forces your relationships start to break down. 

And there are other things that i'm debating and mulling over in terms of blogging. Though I do enjoy reading fashion blogs and seeing the crazy extents to which people go to to take a good picture of them in clothes and makeup they took hours preparing and deciding, in the past when I have asked people to take a picture of me for blogging purposes, there's an ever so slight sense of vanity that creeps up and grows every time. I see it happen to people (not necessarily bloggers), however do you call it confidence or egocentricity? art for others or self worship? or has society completely allowed for the two words with different meanings to meld into one? consequently producing jobs that thrive on self obsession.

Lots to ponder on...

Duffy - Mercy

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  1. We need to watch the movie! I haven't seen it since the cinemas with mother dearest!

    Hmm indeed lots to mull over...but don't forget it is also a business now, it's a career. It's something that can eventually blossom into something crazy beautiful and intense.

    Watch this movie after brunch next week? Bring it round if you have it :D