run through the moss in high heels

I went slightly book crazy during the last two months of 2011, there were quite a few ANY 6 BOOKS FOR $50 sales and the logical thing to do was make the most of it and go halves with a friend, ended up doing 2 rounds of halves in Newcastle and Melbourne.

Towards the end of November I was working full time in the city near The Galleries and would occasionally visit Kinokuniya (on the top floor next to Ichiban Bochi which is a great place for ramen). For a couple of weeks, every time I was at the book shop I would find myself reading From Here to There by Kris Harzinski which is a collection of maps from the Hand Drawn Map Association so after about the 4th visit I gave in and bought the book. I enjoy looking at the maps, it's inspiring to see the many different ways of expressing how to get from a to b. Especially the conceptual maps like the Emotional Map pictured above.

Whilst in Newcastle, I randomly bought the Stonefox magazine which happened to be only in its first issue. The paper feels amazing, the pictures are beautiful (like the one above of Dion Lee's sterling silver Crown of Thorns from A/W11) and the articles are interesting.

First Aid Kit - When I grow up

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