La Pianiste

The Piano Teacher is a french movie about "a young man [who] romantically pursues his masochistic piano teacher." The character Erika is disturbing and I was a little squeamish during a lot of the parts (obviously since she's a masochist and it is a french movie), however I stuck through the movie for the music and especially when the antagonist is a handsome pianist. I have a thing for guys who can play the piano well. I'm not sure if that makes my view biased, I won't be specific as to ruin the movie, but overall I think they did a dandy good job. Such a fine job that I felt inspired to practice Rachmaninoff's Prelude Op.23 No.5 in G Minor. Some serious solid effort on the first 9 bars!

Rachmaninoff (played by Gilels) - Prelude Op.23 No.5

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