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Lots of sales going on and that means time to get cracking on making decisions on the things that have caught my eye over the year. I'm yet to try them the dress and shirt on, so who knows...they might look heinous on my body.

There's hype building up surrounding The Hobbit the movie and quite frankly, I'M EXCITED. Such a fan of The Lord of Rings, awesome film though i'll admit I never finished reading the book. I got my hands on the new pocket sized hardcover version of The Hobbit from Kinokuniya and just started knawing my teeth into it. I highly recommend it, it's great for anyone - read it as an on going bed time story to the kids, really easy to follow.

Whilst in Melbourne, I bought a book, Morning Poems by Robert Bly inspired by William Stafford who wrote every morning for 40 years. Although not as dedicated as Mr. Stafford himself, I did make a semi new years resolution (if that's even possible) to try and write a poem everyday - the keyword in the resolution is 'try'. So there's my poem written on the 1st of January, 2012 upon which I was at my very first Kid's Camp, a camp where kids from broken families and tough backgrounds ranging from kindergarten to year 12 come to relax and have fun. We show them God's love and tell them there's hope in something bigger despite ones circumstance and situation.

Lior - This Old Love

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